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We raise high-quality puppies with excellent pedigrees.

With breeding based on genetic studies in leading laboratories in EU, legendary bloodlines like Avontuur, Grasland, Yesterberg we guarantee great quality of our puppies.
Furthermore, they are raised at home with care, making them strong and confident.

Get a puppy from us and become a part of our family, we will always help.

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Great gigantic boerboel with great temperament and obedience. The best protector for any household.

Junior Champion of Bulgaria
Junior Grand Champion of Bulgaria
Junior Balkan Champion
Black Sea Winner 2016
BIS baby, BIS junior, multi BOG Winner
Hips/Elbows A-0,
penhipp 0,14/0,18.
Cmr1 and HUU free.



Mascot Millenium Permida Bonbonka

Very beautiful and correct female.

Champion of Bulgaria,
Grand Champion of Bulgaria,
Balkan Champion.
Hips/Elbows FCI certificate A-0.
Cmr1 and HUU free.

Available Boerboel Puppies

We have the last girl from C litter available, she is gorgeous, with wide chest and very correct build. She is also very sweet and people-centric.

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A year ago we saved a girl of our breeding. Our kennel began with a different breed of dogs- saarloos wolfdogs. They are actually more like wolves with no fear of humans. Nubira, is the name of the girl whom we have saved. She is one of the last litters we had from our saarlooses so we wanted to make sure that she got in the right hands, especially with her rare red fur. Unfortunately she arrived in an abusive family where both of her back legs were broken. After having rescued her a year ago, she started trusting humans again and has completely healed from her injuries. Now we believe that the time has come to find her another home.

Nubira isn’t like other dogs, she is basically a wolf. She is dominant, stubborn and very loyal. Just like her mother, she chose me to be her “master”.  Once she did it, she gave me an insane amount of unconditional love, always running towards me and demanding my attention and affection. She became my shadow, my soul. Having her sit next to me with her head next to my neck cannot be described with words. The bond that we share and how much we love each other also cannot be conveyed into words. She has become a part of me. But the time has come to find her a new home. This time, I want to make sure that she will be with the right people.

As I have stated before, she is very dominant, maybe impudent is also a right word for her. She will test you and if you will show weakness, she will take over. She requires someone who will be strong, not physically (not at all), but mentally. Someone who too will be stubborn and patient. Someone who will be active to match her. She is curious and will sniff everything she can. She will be disobedient many times, testing you many times. But if you get past these challenges, you will get an one-in-a-lifetime-partner. She will be incredibly devoted to you, love you to death and you too, just like me, will find that at some point she has become your shadow. And then your soul.

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We have carefully picked best Boerboel bloodlines. Our puppies have legendary bloodlines like: Avontuur, Grasland and Yesterberg lines.
We care about our puppies, this is why they grow with us in our living room where we can give them constant care and attention. We ensure that they grow up healthy and well mannered.

Our Boerboel puppies will go to their new families with CHIP, veterinary passport, all vaccines incl. Rabies vaccine, treatment against parasites, pedigree papers, collar, leash and some homemade meat or barf sausages for long trips.

Worldwide shipping: via airplane – licensed IPATA International; European Union – licensed automobile transport from door to door!

Fédération Cynologique Internationale

Advantages of the FCI pedigree

F.C.I. a.k.a. Fédération Cynologique Internationale is the largest international federation of kennel clubs. It trains its judges, who are recognized internationally just like their pedigrees and shows. This means that no matter where you are, you won’t have any trouble with your pedigree. This will provide you and your Boerboel with lots of opportunities all over the world.

Waiting list

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