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Learn from a kennel: Socialization February 10, 2020 Good news! We received information that starting tomorrow: May 6 2020, thanks
How time flies by! January 26, 2020 Coronavirus, a.k.a. COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2 is a new deadly disease. Little about it
Your boerboel's well-being depends on your care for him/her. Grooming it will keep it healthy, clean and happy.
Meeting the Goats! July 5, 2019 South African Boerboels were specifically bred to be guard dogs, they are one of
Socialization is very important for your boerboel puppy's life. It makes it accustomed to the world around it and brings
Learn from a kennel: how to raise a boerboel puppy in 2020 In a few words.Raising a puppy is like
A post inspired by my experiences of the young me with our boerboels.
Boerboel puppy with a bandana with text
Food has a great impact on the overall wellbeing of your boerboel. Learn how to feed it here!
Here is all of the information regarding the shipment of your puppies
Boerboels besides being exceptionally great guard dogs are also farm dogs and we haven't forgotten about it. Once in a
A male boerboel standing being a female boerboel
Have you noticed how different organizations have different standards? We found the old, original standard. You may doubt but it