Learn from a kennel: how to raise a boerboel puppy in 2020

In a few words.

Raising a puppy is like raising a child. You need to do it with love and care. But even with this you still need help. This article will provide you with all of the necessary information for you to raise your pup into a big, healthy boerboel.

“You are the owner of your house, you are the one in power. Your boerboel is a pet and a member of your family. You guide and teach your puppy. You love and respect it. In return, it loves you back and for all of your troubles it guards you and your family. You live in harmony, love and respect.”

This is the way it is supposed to be. These are the very basics of your relationship. Whenever you have trouble, come back to these words.

Now, let’s begin.


Things to prepare before your puppy arrives.

  1. Puppy pet food
  2. Collar and a leash for a puppy of a large breed
  3. ID tag
  4. 2 Iron bowls- one for water and another for food.
  5. Just in case, stain remover
  6. Chew toys
  7. Flea, tick and parasite controls
  8. Nail clipper
  9. Private space for the puppy
  10. Treats.

How to behave around boerboels:

A MUST LEARN THING AROUND BOERBOELS: DON’T DO RASH, FAST MOVEMENTS! Also don’t let them jump on you. You might perceive it as being fine because the pup is just happy to see you, however when they grow up into big 60-80kg dogs, I doubt that you will be able to withstand their “happiness” sometimes. 

Puppy proofing your home.

Before your little friend arrives you should remove anything dangerous for it to swallow or it like cables or anything else that could cause it harm. Boerboels are incredibly intelligent and curious dogs so don’t undermine their ability to find things.

We recommend you to get down on your hands and knees and see the world from puppy’s perspective. Try to remove everything that could be chewed or swallowed- electrical wires, small objects, etc. If there are spaces that your puppy shouldn’t enter until it’s more grown up or better trained, keep the doors closed or buy some baby gates.

Puppy's arrival:

When your puppy arrives, keep in mind that just a couple of days ago it has had a family, dad, mom, sisters, brothers, games, etc. And now, everything it once knew is gone. And the only thing out there that can help it, is YOU. Give your puppy some time to adapt to various new things, noises, people and smells around it. Let it roam around your house, after all, your puppy is the one who will protect this territory from now on. But watch after it to prevent any mess that might happen! And don’t forget to give your boerboel pup a place of it’s own where it could feel comfortable and most importantly, safe. 

Children and boerboels:

Give your puppy some time to adapt to its new surroundings and yourself before letting others approach it. Limit the time your children see the pup or supervise them until your pup feels comfortable around them. As it grows older you might have to supervise your puppy again! The thing is, while boerboels are growing, they are getting quite a lot of strength which they still don’t know how to control and might accidentally hurt your child while playing. Be sure to let your children know about this fact before they play with your puppy!

The need for chewing toys:

Around the time your puppy arrives, it also changes its teeth. So it feels the need to eat something, or rather to nibble something. This is why it might start eating your precious furniture or shoes, sandals or anything hard enough to finally satisfy its urge. To prevent this you should go to a pet shop and buy your pup toys to nibble and eat.

Potty training:

Watch for the signs that your pup must go and do its business like circling around or sniffing. Immediately take out your pup for a walk. Know that young pups have no bladder control and must go and do what they need immediately after they eat, drink, play and sleep. So don’t punish your puppy for an accident! Instead decide on a routine that would be comfortable for you and your boerboel. A routine is absolutely necceasry as your boerboel will get accustomed to it and will know that around some time, you will take them out for a walk. 

Use your nature!

Did you know that humans are the only living creatures that exchange and barter things? Use this technique of ours to your advantage. If you want to take away something from your pup NEVER just take it away. Give something else like a snack or a toy and then take it.


Here is a link to our past, short article regarding feeding. It’s actually quite simple!


As they say, the best way to exercise is to play, an activity which both you and your puppy should enjoy. Coming soon, on Mascot Millenium Kennel!