Being clean is something vital! Remember the ancient times and that people didn’t live long because of various parasites, illnesses or from simply being dirty. However we and our technology advance and we successfully managed to prolong our lives by staying clean and taking a good care of ourselves. Same can be applied to your boerboel. Simple short weekly exercises and grooming can prolong your boerboel’s life, health and overall happiness. 
Now let me tell you how exactly how to make a clean future for your boerboel!

Compared to breeds like Maltese, Boerboels are easy to groom. They have short, dense coats and if you exercise with them on hard surfaces their nails should stay naturally trimmed. You will have to perform every exercise listed bellow just once or twice a week if it’s needed at all.

Benefits of Grooming

Regular grooming will keep your boerboel clean, healthy and free of different illnesses, parasites, etc. Just brushing will remove dead hairs and will massage the skin causing better blood circulation!
Boerboel’s grooming is so easy that even children could help and again, if performed regularly it will help your bonding.

Tools you will need

  1. Dog nail clippers
  2. Heavy pin brush or stiff bristle brush
  3. Dog Shampoo
  4. Towel or an air dryer designed for dogs
  5. (Optional for dental care) finger sleeve or dog toothbrush


This is one of the most valuable exercises in grooming. Prepare your brushes and bush your boerboel’s coat along the hair growth. Keep in mind that your dog has some sensitive areas like it’s stomach so be gentler there. As mentioned before as you brush they skin will be massaged and will help the blood circulation. Do this weekly.

During grooming also check your boerboel for any sign of any parasites like fleas. One of them is called “flea dirt” which represents small, dried blood flecks in the coat next to the skin.

Dental care

Just like us – humans, boerboels can get various issues if there is a lack of dental care. Brush its teeth using a finger sleeves or dog tooth brushes. Check your dog’s teeth every one or two weeks.

If you feed your dog with raw food a.k.a. BARF, then they should stay white naturally. When a dog eats meat and chews bones, its teeth get clear naturally. 


Bath your boerboel whenever necessary, once a month works for most dogs. Use a quality dog shampoo and after you finish bathing it you can dry it with some towels or specifically designed dog dryers. Do not use human air dryers as they are too hot and can cause skin irritations.

Additional tips:

  1. This can be done outside or inside
  2. Our body temperature is more or less similar to our dog’s temperature. Keep the water lukewarm and everything should be fine.

Trimming the nails

Do this whenever neccessary. If you play or exercise with you dog or hard surfaces (general activities) they should stay naturally trimmed .

Do not use human nail clippers as they might cause your dog’s nails to shatter! A set of slotted scissor style trimmers or guillotine style trimmers are the most effective. Also don’t trimm too much as this might cause your boerboel some pain or even bleeding. 


It is vital to maintian your boerboel’s health. Simple grooming one a week or month (depending on the task), can improve it’s life and help avoid many illnesses and troubles. And all it will cost you is small effort and some tools.

This can help you bond with your boerboel and is easy to do even for children so invite them to take care of your boerboel together and have some fun.