Good news! We received information that starting tomorrow: May 6 2020, thanks to Turkish Airlines will will be able to send puppies to the following states in USA: Chicago, Houston, New York, Miami. The price of shipping will be higher but in sum, a puppy from us will still cost you less than from other breeders in USA and UK. The prices have been raised due to the lockdowns and currently here are the average prices for a puppy: USA: 3000$; UK: 2500£

If you live there and wanted a puppy from us, we have 2 beautiful girls available and ready to fly to you. 

Original message we received:

“Good news. Turkish airlines starts tomorrow flights to the USA (only freighters). We have a few airports: Chicago, Houston, New York, Miami the things work like this: We request booking, they book the flight and give us a rate, higher then normally. If we accept, we keep the booking, if not, we cancel it without any cost.”