Firstly, I want to honor the quote

“With great power, comes great responsibility.”

Last words of uncle Ben are very well applied to boerboels. They are one of the most intelligent, one of the most powerful breeds! And you are the one who must guide your boerboel.

Secondly, this post is written by the 18 year old me who grew up in a kennel so some opinions might be different and I would be really glad to debate with you about them. If you are interested in talking about them, please hit me up on facebook.
Without a further ado, let’s begin!

Yes, boerboels are a very powerful breed indeed but right now you see your puppy infornt of you, you are glad that you bought this premium FaceLicker3000 with an additional function of warming you during the winter. Regardless of it’s charming appearance, IT IS TIME TO SOCIAZLIZE! Although the main time for your puppy’s socialization (when it is 1-3 months old) is handled by us and as you can see they are energetic, brave, cute and all, you still have to finish socializing it. Here’s a question that might pop up in your mind:

Why is it necessary?

Think about it. Your boerboel is an excellent and very intelligent guard dog. But what could make it think that you are in danger and in the need of saving? Something unknown, something different. which our world is full of. You must show your boerboel many different things in this world, so that it would feel comfortable in it.
Socializing is a fun experience! It will increase your boerboel’s confidence, decrease unnecessary agression and will make both your and its life overall better! 
With that being said,

It's up to you.

A couple of years ago I have heard these words from one of our handlers. She said: “even if you were on a battlefield, if you are calm, your dog will notice it and will be calm too. It’s up to you”. 
Clearly your behaviour will be a role model for your puppy, just like for your children.

How to socialize a boerboel?

I am glad you asked! On the daily basis take out your boerboel into the public, let it learn about new vehicles, people, dogs and other animals. Remember, we want to build up confidence in your little friend so keep it positive and endorse your puppy when it behaves like you want it to- calm, obedient and curious.
You might have friends with a puppy, take out your dogs together! Or meet new people thanks to your dogs! (A bit of socialization won’t hurt you either 😀 )
Another great advice which comes from our guide on raising a boerboel puppy is to make a schedule. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. This is why you should socialize with your pup every day or at least to go on short walks with it for some fresh air. But don’t forget to mix things up! You want your doggo to discover new things. Feed it’s curiosity and confidence and it will repay you by being an even greater protector.
Look for cues of your dog, it might be very tiring for it to discover so many new things, smells, animals and people. If you see that it is tired, you should better give it some time for rest and go out with it the next day.
You should also keep in mind: what other dogs you want your puppy to meet. It might be adorable for your boerboel to meet a chihuahua but this won’t be such a great idea. 

How do we socialize our puppies?

Boerboel are farm dogs and we haven’t forgotten it. So from time to time we go to a local farm and let them look upon the strangest things they have ever seen, the greatest challenge of them all! THE GOATS! Jokes aside, as curiosity took over him he started appreciating the company of these white beasts. He started being comfortable around them and again, THIS is what you should strive for too. 

When to socialize your pup?

I will repeat, the heaviest part of socializing is when the pup is 1-3 months and is handled by us but you still have a lot of time to complete the socialization process which will form your boerboel. The time for you to socialize your puppy is from when it is 3 months old to around 7 months of age.

Boerboel Maglor with its owner

No boerboel is the same.

You must understand that every boerboel, every line is different. Some puppies need little to none socialization and some need time. Boerboels are farm dogs and might need time to integrate themselves your hierarchy. So even a pup that might seem cowardly can protect you and your family better then any puppy who start barking at strangers, etc at a very young age. But this is a topic on another article which is soon to come. Stay tuned.