South African Boerboels were specifically bred to be guard dogs, they are one of the most powerful and most intelligent breeds. They are incredibly calm yet powerful, very confident, devoted to their families.


BBs are very intelligent, bold, incredibly affectionate towards their family and will risk their lives to save yours without a second thought. They are social animals and can live with other breeds and animals, They are large territorial dogs and absolutely mustn’t live in apartments!

They are confident, strong, powerful and very calm. In fact they are so confident that they fear nothing. And I am not exaggerating.

Due to this “alpha” aura this breed also attempts to dominate its owners. They know that they are worth it and you must prove them that you are worth them. So be the one in control from the very beginning!
You are responsible for your boerboel so know that they can be a great threat if not trained and not socialized properly. So train them well. This also will help you bond with your boerboel and understand it better. This is very important as they too are very diverse, no boerboel is the same, they are like people.

If you choose to own a boerboel your next 10-12 years are going to be different. You will be confident and secure around such dogs, they are going to become a big part of your family, incredible companion but an even greater friend.

A standing boerboel showing it's muscular build

Physical activity

As mentioned before, they are large territorial dogs. For healthy growth boerboel require a lot of space, preferably a spacious backyard. You should also go out with them for long walks on daily basis. Have fun and socialize your boerboel. This is especially important if your BB is still a puppy. Have fun, show them unfamiliar things and places. This will surely bond you and your boerboel and make it much more confident.


Boerboels are easy to take care of. They have a short, dense coat so brushing them with a heavy pin brush once a week is fine. Buy a quality dog shampoo and bath them on monthly basis to keep them clean. Use a nail clipper for dogs but remember to not clip further than the white part of the claw because if you clip further you will injure them and cause bleeding.

A male boerboel standing being a female boerboel

Boerboel's history

In Afrikaans “Boerboel” means “Farmer’s dog”. This breed’s original purpose was to guard the homestead from various predators in South Africa.
Nowadays besides guarding the homestead they are beloved pets that guard their families.

Breed’s origin and what other breeds were used to create them are uncertain, it is believed that they are the result of interbreeding native African landrace (the Africanis) with breeds brought into South Africa by Dutch, British, and French settlers. The oldest record pointing at the existence of Boeboels is when Jan van Riebeek’s brought his dogs to Cape Town in 1652 from South Africa who are believed to be boerboels.

The untold part of the story is what this breed had to go through in the past. Such a great and obedient breed was created with fierce selection as disobedience, failing to fulfil their duties as guard dogs they could be punished by death.

Boerboels are very powerful, fast, sometimes too brave. You instantly connect with these dogs and they aren’t afraid to die for you.

They quickly won people’s hearts in South Africa, and later on in the entire world.

Original Boerboel breed standard

Have you noticed how different organizations have different standards? We found the old, original standard. You may doubt but it is the real deal. Once you will dive deeper into this “standard dilemma” you will understand how much this standard makes sense.


Boerboels are a powerful breed, one of the greatest guard dogs. If you are ready to own a boerboel, you will get a best friend who will not fear to risk his/her life for yours.